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Re: ETA! When do they go in a booster seat?

Originally Posted by pigletmsu View Post
but for all the moms who DON'T spend alot of time online chatting with other moms who are EH-advocates (basically ALL of my friends), how would they even know about these seats if they don't live near big city stores that even sell these seats? Half the seats that people rave about on this board are not carried in ANY store in my area--I had to order my Radian online after going to EVERY baby store and not finding anything but the Britax which is too big for our car.

So true! The only reason I know as much as I do about car seats is because I look it up on line. I'm the only person I know IRL who does extended RFing and buys their 3 1/2 year old a new harnessed seat so they can avoid moving to a booster. I spent a lot of time hunting down the car seats I have, it wasn't easy. Every time I'd ask for a seat that harnessed past 40 lbs I was told there was no such thing that I had to move to a booster at 40 lbs. I was even told this at Wal Mart by a lady standing right in front of a car seat that harnessed past 40 lbs

And although I'm considered fairly extreme to almost everyone I know as far as car seats are concerned... I'm still considered a bit of a slacker in the car seat department on mommy boards
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