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Re: ETA! When do they go in a booster seat?

Originally Posted by pigletmsu View Post
Not in Michigan. The law is so out-dated that I could probably get away with putting my 2 1/2 yr old in a backless booster.

But, what if your child hits 40 lbs before they hit 4 yrs old? My DS hit 40 lbs and 40 inches at age 3 1/4 yrs old and since I didn't know about the extended harness seats (the stores in my area didn't even start selling them until a year ago--and only 1 store at that), I put him in a high-back booster since he was too big for his carseat. My DD is 38 1/2 inches and 37 lbs at age 2 1/2. So she is definitely going to outgrow her seat before age 4 as well. Again I AM going to buy her a Radian, but for all the moms who DON'T spend alot of time online chatting with other moms who are EH-advocates (basically ALL of my friends), how would they even know about these seats if they don't live near big city stores that even sell these seats? Half the seats that people rave about on this board are not carried in ANY store in my area--I had to order my Radian online after going to EVERY baby store and not finding anything but the Britax which is too big for our car.

I guess with laws like the one your state has, the state would also need to put out brochures or info on where to buy EH carseats for kids like mine.
It's not about how much your child weighs. It's about bone structure. Your 38 lb 2.5 year old has the SAME bone structure as a 28 lb 2.5 year old.

And yes, some people DON'T know any better. But obviously some do. My job as a Child Passenger Safety Technician is to educate as many parents as I can.

People research what they want to. I didn't know about extended harnessing or extended rearfacing. Crap, 2 years ago, I'd never even heard of a CPST. But I did the research & found the seats. I lived in a city with no baby stores. I hadn't even seen a Britax seat IRL before I ordered one. I just prayed it fit in our truck when it go to us. And apparently I wasn't the only one in our small town who found them, because the new mommy group I joined had lots of Britax seats!
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