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Re: Too tall for high back booster?

Originally Posted by jackyl08 View Post
Were you looking at ones that were just boosters? The Graco and Evenflo highbacks have a headrest that moves up. There is a handle on the back and they move up. I think a lot of people don't realize this. They are pretty tall. The Britax Parkway or the Fisher Price Safe Voyage booster go even taller. The Fisher Price is on sale at for $30 and I think they have $5 shipping. Oh and Target has an Eddie Bauer highback that adjusts pretty tall.

Here is a list to look at:

Graco Turbobooster
Evenflo Big Kid(this one seems a little flimsy and does not have any EPS foam)
Britax Parkway
Cosco/Eddie Bauer(it's at Target for about $80, I think. Can't think of the name )
Fisher Price Safe Voyage(made by Britax, but discontinued, so cheap)

Let me know if I can be of any more help. I know how confusing they can be.
Yes, just a Booster. I didn't realize that some of those had adjustable head rests.

I just ordered the FPSV convertible for my 6 month old from Albee--wonder if they'd let me order this one, and have the free shipping still. That one looks really great. I should go back and look at Target again too and see if they have the Eddie Bauer one. When I was there the other day, they didn't have much to choose from.

Why do the high backs all convert to a "on the seat booster"? Is there a time when you should take the back off? Or is it just for comfort/preference?

Thanks for your help!
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