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How to teach a toddler...

to respect things? or belongings.

The boys have a lot of toys and recently Kain has become VERY stingey/possessive. He used to share really well and I fear this behavior is his cousin rubbing off on him. I want to curb it NOW before he's 7-8 yrs old and acting like this (like his cousin).

The boys are 2.5 and (just turned) 1. In Kain's world (or his eyes), *EVERYTHING* is his. No matter what or whose it is. Anything his little brother is playing with, he goes and snatches it away and barks, "No Drakey, that's mine!"

And I've got a bunch of stuff that needs to be put away (assorted, dishes I let them play with, a lap table thing) and he got in it and just started chucking everything. Anything that *can* be pulled apart, *will* be pulled apart - even if that means it's broken. Surely this isn't normal 2yo behavior.

No form of punishment seems to phase him at all (or positive reinforcement). I told him yesterday if he couldn't be nicer to things, I was going to take all of his toys away and he'd get them back as he learned to be nice. Then we had issues this morning so I'm planning on taking all the toys away. Does that seem unreasonable? I'm just SO tired of this behavior.
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