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Baby is born! What a big girl!

I am sitting in the hospital bed right now...with Sophia to my right. She is a big girl!

Here is my short birth story if you are interested!

I was having inconsistent contractions all day Sunday...they were pretty good ones but not seeming to progress. They stopped at night around bed time. I was scheduled to be induced on Monday morning, so I went to bed early to try and get some rest.

At 2 a.m. I was awakened by a contraction and then another...and another...and I could not fall back to sleep. I woke hubby at 4:30 and told him he better get ready early! We were scheduled to be at the hopital at 7 a.m. anyway!

We arrive at labor and delivery around 5:30 and when they checked me I was only 2 cm dialated. Argh...I could have sworn I would be 3-4! So...after waiting 2 hours they started me on pit at a very slow rate. Within about 2 hours I was having regular and intense contractions every 3 minutes or so. The peaks were at the top of the graph on the computer. I decided to go for the epidural and have a smiley labor. Once they got the epidural started one of the docs broke my water. Things were speeding up!

Once they gave me he epi, I jumped to 6-7 cm dialated by around 12:00 noon. The doc came in and checked to see what was going on and said he thought it would be another hour or so until I reached 10 cm. About 10 minutes later I felt major pressure and intense contractrations one on top of another. Another nurse checked me and I was almost a full 10 cm dialated!! Wow! That was fast! The epidural was not working quite right, and I only had some relief with the contractions on one side of my body.

It took alot of pushing for this little one! i thought she might never come out! She was face up and stuck under my pubic bone. Finally, she came into the world at 1:01 p.m. and man was she bigger than I expected! 9 lbs. 8 oz. and 22 inches long! A whole pound and 6 oz. more than my last child!

All in all it was a nice delivery, but the hardest one so far!

I am so glad she is finally here! Its seemed like forever! I will be going home today around 2 pm after they test her for jaundice,etc. A standard procedure at 24 hours of age.
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