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TN mama to be... ? please help!

Hi, we are currently in Europe, but are considering a move to Nashville. I am looking for like-minded parents who can tell me about the living there.

What do you do with the kids? activities? parks? meet other kids? I plan on staying home with the girls (now 1 and 3 years) until age 4 or 5, at which time we are looking at a few hours of kindergarden a day. maybe... ?
is the living pretty "green"? Ecologic-minded? access to organic foods? does the area re-cycle?
how is the atmophere in downtown? can kids grow up there, or should we look at the suburbs or smaller surrounding town?

Pleaes, please, if you are from TN, Nashville to Knoxville with surroundings, Please help guide us!! I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks, mamas!
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