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Re: Looking for babyshows

Hi Lisa, I remember now!! DUH! That's mommy brain for you!! LOL.. Ya on your little baby girl

And Hi to Kristen! I think I have flyers at Bonsu, etc. office. Although last time I was there I didn't see anymore.. maybe I need to take more

I'm actually working with a lady in St. Catharines on maybe doing a babyshow in St. Catharines at the end of April. I'm waiting to hear back from her to see is she was able to get any sponsorship from The Standard (keep fingers crossed!!).. I will let you know what happens, cuz if it does happen I will be posting in EVERYWHERE

I just know that I'd like to expand up to the Hamilton area since there isn't CD store up that way either.. I'm doing the Baby Fest at Toys R Us this Sat (Jan. 19th) from 930-1pm (you guys should come by and say hi so we can meet!! ).. I'm thinking for the next one (March or April) that maybe I'll go up to Hamilton instead to get some exposure..

DS1 just woke from his nap.. gotta jet..

Amy S
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