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Re: Good Sam / Edwards Hospital

Originally Posted by rotty View Post
Anyone in here give birth at Good Samaritan Hosp in Downers Grove or Edward in Naperville?

I had 2 at Edwards. The first experience was AWESOME. The second SUCKED~~the nurses were horrible, the noise was horrible, it was terribly, terribly busy, and my day nurse was a complete jerk. Food was horrible second time around, good the first.

If I have a 3rd I'm thinking Good Sam? Anyone have thoughts?

I'm also in the market for a new ob that takes HMO in the Advocate/Good Sam group.
Hey mama!
I didn't have my LOs at Good Sam but I did a chaplaincy internship there 2 years ago. I know that they recently remodeled the birth floor. You have private rooms, there is a full NICU if any problems should arise. I don't have much experience with the normal pregnancies there (such was the life of a chaplain intern) but I did have the opportunity to visit with some moms that requested a Chaplain and they seemed to have very happy experiences. In fact my supervisor's sister decided to have her second baby at Good Sam because she had a bad experience at another hospital in the area.

Good Sam is not as "plush" as Edwards but I was really impressed with the staff there overall. And if you'd like a visit from the chaplaincy staff, they love to visit with healthy, happy patients

Hope you're able to find a new OB soon!
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