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Re: Did anyone NOT find out they were having twins until LATE pregnancy or delivery?

Originally Posted by mom2my3monkeys View Post
I didn't find out until 22 weeks.... and I *knew* it all along!

I was SUPER DUPER sick, felt movement at 9 weeks, started showing at 7 weeks, was HUGE (full term size at 22 week u/s), had dreams about identical twin boys (which I was carrying...) but my doc insisted that I was measuring right on schedule .

I BEGGED the doc to let me do a 9 or 12 week u/s to rule out twins and he thought I was crazy. He said that he would know if I was carrying multiples... So at 22 weeks, it was confirmed and my dh about fainted. He couldn't believe I was RIGHT! I was so convinced, I actually bought a twin book and started researching twins online before I actually found out.... it's strange how sometimes mama's just *know* things.
Wow, that's awesome that you knew! My midwife always told me that mamas know whats up with their pregnancies and they are usually right when they have a hunch about something.
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