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Re: ETA! When do they go in a booster seat?

Originally Posted by mom2riley View Post
I am sure that is the one that she is talking about.

OT: How do you like you EFTA?
It is nice! I have to reinstall it though, with a towel under the front of the seat because it is "leaning" forward too far, on the seat slant. I LOVE that the harness adjust with a tug and turn of a knob. Before I was always worried that the straps weren't tight enough, or the baby was being squashed. Now he can wear as many layers as he needs and the belt adjusts to him.

I am so glad to hear that all you little ones are secure in their seats.
Me too, thanks for your help.

Here is a pic of him in his new seat:

It is less slanted forward than that now, but I have to fix it better.
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