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Thrush Support and Questions

So i've developed thrush and am currently on Diflucan to treat it. But this is day 5 and i've seen no improvement-in fact, the morning nursing has gotten progressively more and more uncomfortable. DS is also being treated (he's 6 weeks old) with Diflucan. He never had patches in his mouth, but does have a yeast diaper rash that did not respond to Lotrimin treatment.

But here's the weird thing--i only have thrush symptoms with the first morning feeding (that's when i feel shooting discomfort inside my breasts--not super painful, but uncomfortable), but the rest of the day i'm fine and just have mild pains here and there.

I have been applying Grapefruit Seed Extract diluted in distilled water to my nipples after each feeding during the day, so i'm wondering if that's why my symptoms go away during the day but return through the night (when i'm too tired to apply after nursing).

I'm going to see DS's dr. early next week to see if there's something else I should be doing to treat this.

Does anyone have any advice or been through thrush before? What treatment worked for you? I'm thinking Gentian violet might be in our future...
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