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Re: WWYD: RE Childcare

Thanks mamas..and on the name I'll have to check that out.

we've had a few other little quirky things like I took his clothes off yesterday and he had a pampers on. no big deal except the last two kinds of diapers I sent were walgreens premium and luvs. so either she had a stray one of landons or used someone else's diaper. he wears pampers occasionally when we buy them but she shouldn't use some one else's stuff if that's the case.

then she asked us to bring snack and juice or she needs to raise rates. and i bring xyz of stuff to her house...then i pick him up the other day and he's eating something different than what I brought....which is fine cuz she does feed him her stuff for lunch and occasional bfast (i feed him at home for bfast most days)....but it kind of rubbed me the wrong way after her specifically asking for snacks.

another thing she says she hasn't been able to get him to eat lunch good hte last several days. he'd just spit this out and stuff like that so she ends up giving him pb&J sandwich along with pudding or fruit. Another no biggie except I can get him to eat at home...last 2 nights we had mac n cheese, peas and ham and he had extra ham and then later I cut up and apple he'd eat that and last night he at a whole orange and some cheerios after supper.

I'm not saying if he went somewhere else they wouldn't have eating issues but still....knowing the other lady that he was going to go to is closing along with these thigns that are bothering me kind of makes it the right time.

on that note, I spoke with a well recommended center at a local church that won't have an opening until july but possibly earlier. we do have a small town so there aren't a gazillion possibilities. I tried to get him into this same place when we first started out but they didn't have openings and I needed someone quick. So anyhow I put him on a waiting list this morning. I feel so good's a start!!
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