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Re: Eating organic/All natural on a budget?

Las Vegas Mama,

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you! We hosted a farmer on Monday night and once I looked outside, weeds were up to my armpits. I nearly had to do surgery to locate the microscopic onion shoots. Whew!

Here it goes:

You've got some options mama! Like me, it appears that you have a year round farmers market which offers the best from our "fifth season" AND an herb farm that sells organic eggs for $3 a dozen.

First, log onto and get the info about your area. You will need to visit the farmers market weekly to get to know the vendors.

On my previous posts, I forgot to mention a tip I learned from the WAHM that runs our market here where I live. The vendors often won't have all of the food they grow on their tables since they often can't be in competition with other farmers. Example: My favorite organic local farmer can't put fruit on his table since there is another organic farmer a few stalls down that sells only organic fruit. Once you meet a farmer, remember to ask what they've got in the truck. Find out if they have other items they don't bring to the market. Ask for seconds in quantity (apples, oranges, whatever). This is how you start to get the farmers bringing you stuff like raw goat milk, eggs, etc.

Also when I go to the market, I make a day of it. It's only for a few hours so I get there early at set up and buy all of my choice items first. Then I visit, eat my lunch, chat with other mothers, drink tea, eat free samples and then at end go make those end of the market deals. Last week I hit the farmer with the Cinderella pumpkins. (Next year I've got to grow these!) He was asking some per pound price. I asked what his best price would be on the smallest one. He knows me so he's used to my haggling. He said $5. I said, "So that you don't have to load those up, I'll take all four of those at that price." This included the biggest ones of course. He was generous and gave me a deal. Each of those pumpkins will serve all seven of us three times or give me plenty of hard squash to make pumpkin pie or pumpkin roll with. I had to call for help to get them home but it was worth it!

Now as for the local herb farm near your Las Vegas home, you gotta stop by and get to know them. They probably supply all of the casinos with herbs. I bet they grow lettuces as well. I would be tickled pink if they were near me because you can make pesto with just about any herb you want and freeze it for your "fast food". Pesto goes with everything and it can be vegan if you don't do dairy. You might also want to see if they will sell you their pee wee eggs or mixed small size for less. My farm does and since I don't bake with those, their size doesn't matter especially for egg-on-the-whole.

Last, another tip I forgot to mention. Look up the "Slow food" chapter in your area. They typically host events for local foodies but are in touch with artisan food manufactures in your area.

Keep us posted!

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