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Re: Eating organic/All natural on a budget?

Someone just pm'd a great question.

Since organic meat or poultry shows up in my dinner menu a few times this week, isn't that costly. Well yes and no. Like I said earlier, I purchase organic meat products from my local farmers very sparingly due to cost. I always ask for what is the freshest since I won't use it all at once. I never serve it as the main dish. I always serve it as a SIDE DISH and no more than 2 oz of protein per person per day per John Robbins recommendation from "Healthy at 100". So if I serve a meat dinner, the breakfast will be grain versus egg.

In the pot pie or any dishes that I make, soup, etc. The organic poultry or fish just make an appearance for names sake so to speak. So maybe one or two pieces of chicken will be included in an entire pot pie but the biscuit crust, sauce, and veggies will be so amazing that you won't notice that.

Trust me! I'm the only one in the house that prefers to eat veggie all of the time and my meat eating family never notices how little "high quality meat" graces their table. They think its great!

For great meal ideas, I love my cookbook collection, veg net and Saveur. I just make substitutions for organic ingredients using what I have on hand. The Saveur website makes all of its magazines recipes FREE. This is where I picked up the refried beans and tamales we had tonight. One of fillet fish was a side and didn't even get finished because the rest was sooooo good!

Hope these ideas help! You can do it.

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