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Re: Does anyone have Once a Month Cooking?

I have it and have tried it... here's a few insights:

1 - There were only two of us (now three, but our LO is only 12 months old) and I couldn't do a full month meal plan without having to eat several of the meals more than once... we don't like too many leftovers.

2 - I'm kinda a picky eater - while my husband will eat anything at least once... there are only a handful of the meals that I actually liked that I tried (many of them I wouldn't even try!) A couple of my favorites were Hearty Hamburger Tomato Soup and a Marinade for Tilipia fish.

3 - It's really just about how to organize - if you have a bunch of receipes that you like (or are willing to try) all you have to do is make up a shopping list (like you would do normally) and try to pick receipes that have some common denominators (i.e. meat, cheese or chopped veggies like onions)

4 - Plan to spend a whole weekend doing it... and it's better to have friends help (or at least someone to watch your kids!) Spend the first day shopping, the next day chopping & precooking any meat, and then assemble (which could be done one the same day or the next day)

Basically you just group your tasks together: chopping, precooking meat, Do all the steps the receipe says to do except for cooking it.... then package the meals into zip lock bags (or a pan, depending on what it is). Make sure you write instructions for how to cook it once you get it out of the freezer. (you could print labels from the computer or just hand write) I keep a list of what is in the freezer along with the instructions for how long to cook and how (crockpot, oven, or grill) on the fridge. Then I cross it off after I've used it.

So I guess it depends on your "cooking skills" and your "organization skills". I think I learn the best by trial and error, but if you want to save yourself some of that then the book might be helpful. And again depends on how picky you are.... I think most of the meals are pretty "healthy" and I'm sure you could customize how much salt/fat you put in them... and I don't remember there being anything really expensive to make - pretty middle of the road there.

For me, I think the crockpot meals are easiest to do.... assemble everything together and they you can just throw the frozen meal into the crockpot in the morning.... soups are great for this.

I could give you a list of the titles to the receipes are in it if you think that would help.

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