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Ok I read every post and will this.
I know it is from babycenter, but it is a great guideline.

For the record, I have ADHD, My sister, her 4 kids, my oldest DS, Zach has been tentative diag'd with it.

ADHD vs ADD (Actually all just ADHD now, called the following)
ADHD Attenetion Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (IE tons of energy ability o hyperfocus on things that very much interest them)
ADHD - Non Attentive (Means dreamy and such)

Can a child be diagnosed at 3, sure, BUT it has to be in all aspects of the life, meaning if it is just at school but no problem at home or out, more then likely the enviroment.

Ok I HTH, but Nat is starting to fuss so must go be a mom!
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