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Are we sick of vax ???'s yet?

My son is scheduled for his 1 year checkup shortly and I've been doing a lot of research on vaccines to prepare for this. We are skipping the MMR and chicken pox for now. I'll decide at a later date whether or not to do these.

Anyway, he's had DTP already but I'm thinking of skipping this dose as well. My question is....if we skip this dose and pick it up later on, will we have to start over or can you just pick up where you left off? If it won't be effective and he'll have to start over with dose #1, I'll just get it and be done with it. If we can continue, say after 3 years of age with it, I'll skip it for now.

I've found plenty of info on delaying but no info on delaying what you've already started. Thanks for any help!!
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