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My pinning tutorial:

I LOVE pins, so I thought I'd share my method.

Step 1: Fold extra length over in the back, lay baby on prefold

Step 2: Fold side panels to the center, tight up against baby's bum

Step 3: Fold front up over baby, then pull out little wings/tabs as needed at the top front of the diaper so that it will overlap with the back wings

Step 4: You will have two layers of prefold on the front top corners from folding the side panels into the center. Insert your fingers between those 2 layers on one side

Step 5: Pull the front tight against the baby to meet the side, also pull the back wing tight against baby, wrapped on top of the front panel. Pull very tight, so some baby rolls form on the babys side, don't worry after you are done it will loosen to a perfect fit

Step 6: Keep your fingers between the bottom 2 layers of the prefold as instructed in step 4, pin through the top 3 layers (the 2 layers from the back panel and the top layer of the front panel). This way you have a layer of prefold and your fingers between the baby and the pins. Try to use the entire length of the pins.

Step 7: Repeat on other side, then tuck in around the legs as needed.

For reference, here is the same diaper snappied. I can get a much neater and tighter fit using the pins.

Hope this helps someone!
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