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Re: Post Pictures of your Baby-to-be's Stash!

Originally Posted by Katherine View Post
Okay, just remember - you asked for it! I posted these a bit ago in diaper chatter, but can't resist showing them off again.

The Closet: *we had just cleaned it out and I wanted to make sure dh didn't slowly start taking the space back over*

Preemie prefolds (all dyed by me in 10 shades)

Infant prefolds (all dyed by me in 13 shades and embellished in 11 dif fabrics by me)

Bamboo velour prefolds, made by me - the natural colored ones are infant shorts, the dyed ones are regular infants.

Haute Pockets - we have a total of 24, some were missing b/c dd had used them for night time. These are leftovers from dd's stash before she pl'd.

Mother ease one-size - the natural colored one is organic, the rest I dyed.

6 newborn fitteds: three nanipoos and three old-style small dream-eze

6 more newborn fitteds - these are wahm made - sweet dream diapers (?)

Pretty XS covers: three thirsties, two essential saltes baby

Plain covers: 5 nb proraps and four dappi pull-up nylon pants

All-in-ones: 6 sb pocket fitteds - got these in a close out and didn't get to choose the colors, if the baby is a girl, I'll probably be looking to trade some for more girly colors.

Not pictured:
3 nb fleece covers I made
9 small fleece covers I made
1 pair wool longies I couldn't part with even after dh decreed there would be no wool for this baby.

I know it looks huge, but I started collecting almost a year ago, when I knew we would ttc sometime in the near future. I got all the prefolds in coops or from great deals here -some were very abused and needed a lot of cleaning up. The fitteds I got from trades or dead cheap locally. The covers were also from really good deals on lots and have been cleaned up. The haute pockets I got as seconds or in trades and all I did for them was buy them as dd needed to size up from her mediums, then resist the urge to sell them after she pl'd. They'll be our daycare dipes.

Really - this is overkill - I think I was trying to compensate for the fact that with dd, we had 0$ and bought the stupidest, cheapest dipes ever and had a terrible first year of cd'ing - I wanted to prevent that at all costs this time. Then, I decided I wanted to learn how to dye and sew, and dd decided she liked helping with those things, and it went from there.
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