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Question BF Poop Everywhere! What did I do wrong?

I started CDing this morning. I happily put CDs on my toddler and on my 5 month old. My 5 month old dd is EBF and she is still pooping only once every few days. So when she goes -- it is BIG. Well in our very first CD, she had her first poop for days. I forgot to use a liner . But I don't think the liner would have mattered -- there was BF poop everywhere - her thighs, her back, etc. I know it was big -- but why did it leak like this? I was using a Snap-Ez pocket, with an insert -- but the absorbancy wasn't the issue. The Snap-Ez fits nicely, so I don't think it is the wrong size. What can I do to prevent this sort of mess? Thanks!
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