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Re: I have an eggplant

Originally Posted by artemis33 View Post
My favorite way to cook eggplant is to slice it thinish lengthwise, salt it and let it stand. Blot off any moisture beads that form.

Brush the pieces on both sides with olive oil and either grill or broil.

At this point you can use it for lots of things - in panini, chopped into pasta, 'lasagna like' rollups (using the eggplant instead of noodles) or even just topped with a red sauce. Many possibilities.
although, I peel it first. Then when you salt it you can put it layered into a collander over the sink and let it drain out all the bitterness. once it has, give it quick rinse, pat it dry and then brush it with a little olive oil and broil it in the oven for 10 min or until it is slightly cooked. Then, you layer it kinda like lasagna, you can use a small container of ricotta with a beaten egg and some slivers of basil. In a baking dish add a layer of marinara sauce, then eggplant, then the ricotta mixture, a sprinkle of mozzerella and a sprinkle of breadcrumbs. top the final layer with eggplant and sauce and then mozzerella cheese on top. Cover with foil while baking or the cheese will can bake it for 45 min @350 (you want to be sure the egg part is cooked)
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