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Re: I'm ready for another baby:)

Originally Posted by ocfb16
Do you all find it difficult having another baby so close in age? Like I said mine is almost 8 months and I'm ready to try again. However, she's not in the stage where she is getting into everything so at this stage it seems like it would be no problem for another one. I just wonder what you all experienced moms think?

LOL, ds was 2.5 when dd was born. I thought that was a long enough wait, but looking back I would have waited another year or even until he was 4. He is a very difficult child. into everything, causes trouble, has to be busy constantly. it was very hard to adjust to going from one to two kids, and right after dd was born I had to deal with potty learning and an overly active toddler. too hard for me, I should have waited longer.

we want #3, but not until ds is in school or I would go crazy. maybe after dd is 3.

good luck!!
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