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Re: Where do I start?

Originally Posted by 2&1ontheway View Post
OK, the thought of ECing really intrigues me.. Ihave a five week old and have lots of questions. The first being, do you spend all day holding you LO on the potty?! She seems to go sooo frequently that I woul dhave time for nothing else! The second being, she ALWAYS poops WHILE i'm nursing her. what would I do about that? If we go out a lot is it going to be a problem...and in order to get to know your babes schedule better, do you write down when she goes and any cues or anything. I also have a two year old that I have been trying to potty train (part of my reason for liking the thought of ECing!!) is it possible to potty train a 2yo and EC a baby?

I'm by no means an expert (we've been ec'ing since our lo was 4m and she's nearly 10m now), but I do head up an ec group and my gf has been ec'ing, since birth, her 4m old.

"They" say, to begin, observe your lo while on a blanket to see if you can pick up any patterns and cues. That being said, we didn't do that. I wasn't sold on ec in the beginning. What we did at first was we'd put her on the potty (in your case, you can hold lo above sink or support in same position on potty) after each diaper change. We used the sign (thumb between index and middle finger and sort of shake your fist), and said "potty" and made the "psssssss" sound (for both pee and poop). We'd wait a bit, and sometimes do it again. Don't hold/have them sit on potty for too long. You just want to give opportunities.
Other "easy" times are:
Immediately upon waking up in morning. Just pull dipe off and potty lo.
Right after naps

The nursing situation took us awhile to figure out what worked. I used a tupperware with soft edges between my legs, but mine was 4m. My gf with the lo uses cloth prefolds, I think. Just put that on your lap.

If you hear or see your lo going (pee or poop), make the "psssss" sound. It won't take long until they will associate the sound with going.

As for outings, initually, we just used dipes and would take her when we had an opportunity. We also kept a potty in the car. The most important thing is to help them associate the "pssss" with eliminating. We didn't go diaper free or NUTS with ec'ing at first. Like I said, I wasn't sold on it and didn't even know if it WORKED.

If you find yourself getting stressed out, back off a little . It's amazing how they remember. Every little bit counts. Even if you "catch" one here and there in the beginning, you're teaching them to be aware of their elimination. Even if it's just that one time.

I've heard that you can have your older one sort of show off as you ec/potty them together. There's a fantastic dvd called "Potty Whispering". They show all sorts of scenarios and it was really helpful for us.

Good luck!
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