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Re: huh????

I have to reply to this, also. Between the newborn and 4m time, my sweet, happy lo would fuss and cry and be plain miserable (every night between 10 and midnight). Also, she'd be nursing and just start wiggling and getting just plain aggitated. We couldn't figure out what was wrong, but just let it go.

Then we started ec'ing at 4m., and MIRACULOUSLY!! She started burping herself (on the potty), and relieving herself either before nursing, or during (in a container). Immediately, the fussy period disappeared. We've realized that she was one of those babes who swallowed a lot of air and/or ate too fast. Once we put her on the potty, she'll burp (like a TRUCK DRIVER--no exaggeration!), then go and start her normal grinning again.

We didn't start ec to "fix" anything. We started because I figured that if my dog gets to go outside and not sit in a diaper, my baby should get that=at least!!

We just try to listen to her and do what is most comfortable and best...
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