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Originally Posted by beccalriley View Post
okay so this is going to sound way crazy...but some people consider bottles a luxury. In this same way these cultures who are "lacking" the modern things we have..stay in tune with their babies needs by not relying on diapers. Not bashing moms who use bottles or forumula..but other cultures can't use bottles or formula because of lack of sanitation and clean water. I think that for that same reason diapers wouldn't work in many of the cultures..they have not adequate place to clean or dispose of dirty dipes.
I enjoy having nice diapers but also enjoy returning to the natural bond of communicating with my babies that feeding or eliminating.
i think so many times we look down on other cultures and think they are lacking because they don't have all the modern things that we have. However, many of these people would be horrified to think of putting something on your baby to hold the pee or poop in against their body. To them that would be degrading.
I think EC has nothing to do with not letting your baby be a baby. It is all about communication and bonding.

I totally agree ...the funny thing is I have totally change my view on Ec over the years ..being raised"MODERN" I thought it was weird ...but I have come to realize that alot " modern " and so called "LUXary "pratices if you REALLY think about it are REALLY odd and totally unnatural.......and of course it is nice for those people to have the LUxary if it fits there baby or for some reason they can not perform the natural practice...but in all honesty alot and I am not saying all of parents use modern pratices out of lazyness not NEED and then make excuses for why they "needed" to do what they did , I hear them all the time....
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