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Re: Dairy problem, or just how they are?

First off to you momma I could never balance 3 and 2 of them being twins! Now I would definatley try to eleminate some of the dairy intake to see if that is the problem. Noah was 5 months old before I found out myself with no help from his dr that he was in fact allergic to DAiry not lactose dairy. poor kid would scream bloody murder every night around the same time I could not figure it out then i realized it was from the dairy I took in! poor kid then I switched him from lactose free to soy. I never saw him drink a bottle faster ever it was like he had never had one before! I breast feed but i had to supplement to help him out while i figured out what to do now he is just fine with the way I am with my diet. try a food journal on your self and see what happens.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by Kimmomy2dom
The twins are a week and two days. Just these past couple of days they've gotten REALLY cranky compared to how they were before. I'm having a hard time remembering back to when Dominic was this small, so I'm not sure what's going on. I didn't know if this is just what happens when they hit a certain age, or maybe if they have issues with dairy in my diet? They're pretty much exclusively breastfed, and I've been having my daily coffee with creamer, etc. and wonder if I should just try cutting it out for a certain period of time to see if it's the dairy. We have caffeine at other times of the day, etc. and that doesn't seem to be what's effecting them.
Any other ideas? They're just getting to be pretty high maintenance, and the sling isn't doing it for them either.
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