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Re: Ecing older baby

I started putting Natalie on the potty around 11 months. I didn't know about ECing...but looking back, I used some of its techniques, like offering the potty frequently, noticing things she did right before she peed, etc. She also hated diapers...and i struggled with changing her each and every time. I started by putting her on right before bath and read some stories to her...but never kept her on longer than about 5 minutes. I'd tell her what was supposed to go in the potty as she sat on it and if she went, I'd let her watch me put it in the big potty. I started putting her on about 15-20 minutes after she nursed...and before and after naps...or anytime i saw she stayed dry for more than 45 minutes or so. She did really well for a few months, and then around 14 months she started to fight being put on expect some resistance and potty pauses at points! I continued to offer it to her, and if she wanted to sit, she did, if not, no big deal.

At 18 months she started again, and this time I left her diapers off ALOT and she learned quickly what happened when she peed! I tried to keep her on the kitchen floor when I left her diapers off...for quick cleanup! Within a month she was pretty much potty trained!

Good luck!!!! Hope some of this helps!
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