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cues for my 7 month old?

i kind of 1/2 way ECd dd1 but not really cuz i didnt know what i was doing. she decided to start PLing around 13 months old and would never poo in a diaper since then. she is now 30 months old and is PLd with the exception of night time but usually wakes up barely wet and we rush to the potty.

my 7 month old loves to be in the bathroom with us and i sat her on the potty the other day and she surprised the heck outta me when she pee'd! yay! ok so now that i know she'll do it...she's done it a few times but how do i figure out her cues?

we sign a lot here and she knows nurse and more and other simple signs. i have started signing potty to her everytime we go into the bathroom...but i never know when she needs to go...

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