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Re: Ecing older baby

We started a few weeks ago when DS was 13months. I really didn't think of it as EC, just early Potty training. DS has also always hated diaper changes. I think he was 5 months when I could no longer change him on a changing table.
A few months ago, I started seeing when he was about to go poo. He grunted, or squated a little, or stopped what he was doing. After going, he would pull at his diaper. Well, I don't know if it was him noticing himself wet more or me picking up on it, but he started doing similar things when he peed. So, I bought a Baby Bjorn Little Potty. I thought he could get used to it for awhile in the house and play with it. Well, I was so anxious I decided to try it out and he went!
Sorry to go off on a tangent a little.
I would try to start noticing when your LO goes. Often 10-15 min after a meal DS always goes. I thought of tracking it on paper, but i really don't have time for that. Whenever he goes pee or poop I make a ssss sound. I put him on as soon as he wakes from a nap, but often he has already gone.

Do you have fitted diapers? Your LO will really be able to tell when they are wet in fitted. DS doesn't really feel wet in his pockets since they are fleece on the inside. We are going to trainers now with cotton inside. I would change your LO as soon as they are wet so they don't get used to sitting in it anymore.

okay, I have come back to this a few times since DS is running around the house getting into things. Sorry so all over the place!!
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