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Re: Dairy problem, or just how they are?

They're both asleep right now *sigh* LOL. I've been waiting for this since yesterday. They were up a lot yesterday, too. They wouldn't sleep unless someone's finger was in their mouths and they would cry a little in their sleep. One is in a swing, and the other is next to my leg.
No rashes (Lola's crotch looked a little red last night, but I think the dipe was tight or something, no bumps or anything). They seem to poop more than they fart (well, you know - farting w/o pooping, LOL).
They haven't wanted to latch on as much, but they each have been getting the same boob at every feeding for a day. I wonder if they get sick of it. they also seem to want to venture out of the football hold, so cross-cradle seems to be working well.
I wonder if it was just a fussy few days. we did give them a bath last night and they looked like they were in love, LOL. In utero memories or something. I hope they keep feeling better!
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