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Re: Does anyone have Once a Month Cooking?

I only checked the book out from the library. If your diet's anything close to ours, you probably won't like half the meals she's got in there. Sure, things like tacos and sloppy joes are okay, but we don't like 'em more than once a month, you know?

I totally agree with the cooking and organizational skills thing the pp said. It can take practice - but honestly, you can just do it all by yourself without paying someone else for the advice.

And for me, once-a-month just takes too much time. She says it's only a day. Um, no. One day of shopping for everything. One day of prepping/chopping everything. One day of cooking and portioning everything. I don't know about you, but I can't pawn off my kids on someone else for 3 days straight for free. Plus I watch sales more than that. I buy certain things only once or twice a year when they go on major sale, rather than having to buy it right then for regular price (sometimes 5 times the sale price!)

I do better tripling or quadrupling meals when I'm making dinner one night, and freeze the rest. It only takes me a little longer to chop an extra onion and pepper or measure out more stuff for a marinade. Or when I go on little canning sprees - last weekend I did a big double batch of spaghetti sauce to pressure can, and now I've got 16 pints of the homemade good stuff down in the pantry just waiting for me (i.e. 16 meals!).

Or when meats are on sale, I buy a bunch. Ground stuff? Cook up half of it, baggie into 1-lb portions (what I use per meal for all 4 of us) - then all you have to do is add it to whatever. I mix up hamburger patties, shape, and freeze. I cut up chicken sometimes, stick in a marinade, and freeze. When it thaws in the fridge, it marinates itself. That kind of thing.

I know the gal that wrote Saving Dinner has a freezer menu thingie, too... Ah, here you go. You can get ideas of the types of recipes that freeze well there.
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