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Should I file Paypal or wait it out?

I ordered a product tester from a new WAHM. It's been ALMOST a month, and the item was supposed to be mailed out shortly after I sent paypal. Well, first the item was not sent b/c of family issues. Then the big DS server switch and no one heard from the mom. I emailed her to ask how the product was coming along and she asked what size I had ordered. I replied with the size. She never responded. Now there's a new reason I read somewhere about why they're still not ready.

Here's the thing: Paypal gives 45 days to file a claim. I still have about 10 days, and I don't want to be jumpy about filing a dispute. BUT as time gets closer, what do I do? If I wait it out past the 10 days, I've basically given the person my $.

What would you do? I really do want this product.
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