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Re: Ecing older baby

i did the same thing at 9 mos with my dd. i got the bjorn little potty, put her on it when i would go, and after waking, and before bath while the water was running, etc. she very quickly learned the sign for potty and even sooner knew that going to the potty was an option and would fuss if she needed to. i put books and toys by the potty and took her everytime she wanted to go, even if it wasn't productive- so she would know i was going to respond no matter what. i set no limits on time on the potty and stayed with her and read while she sat. i quickly ordered some snap-ez trainers and she liked those better than diapers. we took the potty out with us, otherwise she would cry and fuss while we were out, waiting as long as 5 hours to go when we got home and sometimes going in the diaper with even more crying ugh. i had never before associated fussing with her need to go, i just knew that she cried after she went and while i was trying to put a new diaper on her.

really i can't believe it took me so long to figure out she really didn't want to go in a diaper. i'm glad she didn't give up on trying to tell me.
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