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Re: cues for my 7 month old?

im so excited!!! with the exception of a few times, she has gone everytime she sits on the potty. i am planning on going to BRU for the BB potty, but i am not sure if its worth it. she does not like the little potty that her sister used, does not like the potty seat on the big potty...oddly she seems to like the cold seat on the big potty best *shrug* whatever she's weird like the rest of her family

this morning her wake up pee went a little different. this time i said ok lets go potty & signed it to her. she squealed and started squirming so we got right up and went. BUT she didnt go to the word or sign, i did the psssss sound and she smiled and peed then i did the peepee dance cuz i was so excited!!! this was at about 9 and now its 10:50 here and we've been diaperless all morning
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