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Originally Posted by *bamamom* View Post
LOL! I think it's funny to compare putting a diaper on a DOG to a human being. And what's good for a dog, is good for the baby? Dogs are animals with furry butts, so um no, diapering would be silly (unless you are like some that use them during heat cycles.) But we are talking human babies here, different story. I for one do not want a naked baby pooping on the floor in walmart, I DO feel a little more civilized than that, sorry to say. I will say that I find it 'neat' to be able to realize it when your child needs to pee/poo so young (I always knew when mine were pooping though.. )... Just like I think it's 'neat' that some folks do sign language with their children during infancy. But, it's not necessary unless your child is deaf. Just like EC isn't necessary unless you have no way or means of providing diapers for your child. But I do appreciate the right of each individual to do as they will. This just isn't something *I* would ever do. And I have 3 older children that never suffered as a result.. they were kept clean and changed regular like most good mama's would do... Did I say earlier, to each his own???
You know I totally agree with you. I would not have thought I'd try it either except my dd appears to want me to. I would rather diaper her and not worry about it. But she seems to really hate wetting herself. I can't say I blame her. Anyway, I am doing/trying to do what I think is best for my little girl not what I find most convenient. I don't think any one way is more right than another. I think we all do what works best for our situations.
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