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Re: Update! Retested...Has anyone gotten a false BFP or evap with Dollar Tree tests?

Hi, Adam's momma!
But, i noticed something that troubled me in your sig. It says 4 weeks 5 days..yet if you are only 12 dpo, you are NOT 4 w 5 d, you are 3 w, 5 days...i checked your chart, and you ovulated a week LATE...the "wheel chart" or a due date calculator, assumes women ovulate on day 14....since you did not, you ovulated on day 22, your "due date" going by your LMP, is WRONG. At the end, this could start off a cascade of interventions, including induction, because you are "measuring small for dates" or because you go "overdue", etc.
It is VERY important, if you are using mainstream OB care especially, to make sure they do not screw you out of your "real" due date.
I don't know how you birth or whatever, what your views on natural birth are, etc, but I just wanted to urge you to be sure that your provider uses your TRUE ovualtion date/date of conception, and calculates a CORRECT due date for you, so that you do not fall victim to unecesary interventions and stress!!!!!
That "real" due date is going to be a week LATER than the date according to the "wheel/calculator", because you ovulated a week later than "normal" add a week to your due date, momma!!!!!!

Again, CONGRATS!!!!!
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