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Re: when you are out...

Originally Posted by Quinn's mama View Post
Well, you might think this is gross, but I think it's gross and do it anyway, so...Q also (sometimes) hates being held over the toilet, so sometimes I sit with her - she sits between my legs. This means I sometimes sit on public toilets with my pants on (the gross part). Anyhow, she has pooped several public places this way - Borders, the library, Target - I also like it for poops bc I'm a weakling and sometimes she takes awhile - I don't have the strength to be dangling her that long!
that's a great idea we do have our bb little potty in the car, but when you are in the middle of grocery shopping, it is hard to run out there and get it and she just hates dangling over the big potty! i am going to have to try that...doesn't seem that gross to me, i'm much more comfortable with that than having dds little bum touch public toilet seats
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