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Re: Be honest, do you ever wanna stop BFing?

I chose of course not and that is totally honest! With my first daughter I quit at 6 months and it was a struggle to get that far. This second time around I had it set in my head that there was simply no option BUT breastfeeding! I keep pushing when I set to wean back farther and farther, first I said 12 months, but as it got easier I pushed it back to 18, and now that she is nearly 8 months old and I'm loving it so much, I might just let her go as long as she wants! Even as a newborn, through her bad latch period, (meant 3 weeks of blistered bleeding nipples for me) through mastitis, through colic, there was never a wish that I had chosen formula instead. I guess as a single mom I'm just set in the path that I'm the only one that is going to do it anyways!
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