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Re: Please give me input!

Yeah, what's the word?

As far as not being able to leave fb for mama Jodi said: no transaction took place, in other words: No property was sold from mama B to ahava'smama. Nothing took place. ahava'smama sent money to a person and it wasn't for anything, not for a diaper that mama B had up for sale, kwim?

A transaction is defined here as: When a seller has an item(s) for sale and a buyer agrees to purchase that item(s) and the buyer sends money to the seller. The seller than ships the item(s) to the buyer.

I totally get what you are saying. If the buyer sent money to someone (not the seller) and that person keeps it because of other reasons then why can't that be considered something that deserves a negative?

Because the person who received the money did not enter into a sale with the person who sent the money. She simply kept it for her own reasons.

ETA: If you were in this mama B's place I know you wouldn't keep the money and if you did you'd expect a neg for doing so but not everyone is like that. mama b must feel she is owed it and Mama A is to finish her end of the deal I guess. Sad, I know. (((hugs ahava'smama)))
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