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Re: Urgent Pumping Question! HELP!!

What kind of a pump are you using? I have a Medela PIS, and its a fairly strong pump. Even then, it takes a good full minute at a MINIMUM for my milk to respond--even a drip. I have never been able to hand express my milk, and I doubt a manual pump would work for me for those reasons.

With my PIS, though it takes a few minutes to get going, it eventually does let down and I get a good amount. Another thing, I have to relax and concentrate on the task at hand. I can't just sit down and pump and think about other things. At least not until its come down. I have to close my eyes, relax my body and picture myself nursing my baby. I pump at work, though, so that might be part of the reason that I have to do all that--I've been distracted by non-kid stuff all day.

Good luck. I consider pumping a necessary evil. lol. Love breastfeeding, HATE pumping. bleck (hmmm, my attitude toward the pump might have something to do with it, too....)
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