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Re: Be honest, do you ever wanna stop BFing?

I think it's perfectly normal to have thoughts like that. We're mothers, not completely selfless saints. (well, I'm not, anyway, can't speak for anyone else I guess!)

I thought it when I was struggling with the *#@! shield. I thought it when DS woke up every hour and a half to nurse. I thought it when he would scream at me when we were going through a growth spurt and he didn't seem to be getting enough to satisfy him at each nursing. I thought it when he was getting TOO much and would scream at me then, too. I thought it when his butt was raw because he was pooping so often and suspected a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance to be causing at least part of the problem. And nowadays it seems like I can hardly keep him latched on because everytime he hears someone speak or someone walks by, he pops off to take a look!!! ARGH! So, yeah, even now I still think, Good LORD! Maybe FF would be easier!

Then I think....nah.

Edited to add: and I didn't even mention the sore nipples and the bout with mastitis...
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