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Re: Be honest, do you ever wanna stop BFing?

I stopped BF both my girls around 6-7 mo, the first because I had major supply issues due to misinformation about BC. The second because I thought I had a supply issue that was more likely just a growth spurt. I don't know if it is because I quit early or because I am PG, but there are days that I wish I were still BF my youngest. She is only 14 mo and somedays I just want to latch her on when she doesn't feel well or what ever. Maybe it is because I am about a month from delivering my next. I regret that I stopped BF her, but I stopped and then got Pg so I guess there was a reason for it.

BTW I didn't vote in the poll, since I am technically not BF right now, and I didn't really know where my answer fit.

Anyway, just do what you have to do for your own sanity. Don't feel like you have failed as a mother because you stop BF. To me a good mother knows her limits and when to say it is ok to let go of an issue. KWIM
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