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phew...told DH about possibility this month

I just had to share my relief somewhere!

Well, I have been a nervous wreck since I found out I O'ed on a day DH and were intimate as were were not TTC but not really TTA either but I know we wanted to wait a little while to enjoy each other and get finances straightened out.

I kept giving him hints about me already ovulating hoping he would ask me when I did. I sent him websites explaining the reduced possibility of conception using lube and nothing, NADA ....well this morning he saw the brand new DIVA I bought still in package and made some silly comment so I took the opportunity to say "If I need to use it". Still NADA!

So I preceeded to tell him it was safe to "go inside" as I already ovulated. He says. "how do I know?". I wanted to smack him on his head for that question since we talked just last week about charting to avoid! So that was when I started charting. I thought I had already O'ed the week before anyway so no big deal right?

So I told him my temps say I already O'ed. I am still waiting for him to ask "when" here! He finally says to me "hun why are you looking at me like that?" I stare at him again and he finally says "did you Ovulate when we did the deed?" LOL I said yes but I had no idea at the time!

I feel better now that he knows. Funny thing reaction out of him whatsoever. No panic mode like I had. I asked him if he was okay and he said yes. Well, what the heck does that mean?
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