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Re: How to EC while baby is at work with me...

Yeah, how old is he? DS is with me at work all day (5 days a week), so our situation is similar. I used to just toilet him when he had a quiet, still moment, or when he looked like he needed to go, or when I thought he might need to go, or when he fussed like he needed to go. We taught him a sign for potty and now he signals when he needs to go, but he's in a prefold with a snappi or padded underwear all the time so if we miss something there's no mess. If he doesn't tell us when he needs to go, he tells us when he just did go. The nekkie thing doesn't work for us, as he likes to pee when his penis is free, which results in lots of puddles on the floor. He thinks its funny, really funny. We do lots of nekkie time after he pees, but as for running around all day naked, we've learned our lesson (many times over, I might add). He's only pooped on the floor once, though. He's been toileting his poops consistently since about 8 months, except of course when he has the runs. We didn't really start things until around 4 months and even then it was very inconsistent. He's 15 months now and about 80% toileting for pees.
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