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Re: I'm going bald!!

It's normal for your hair to fall out around 4m post partum and then stop/slow/reverse around 6-8m pp. Could you be going through it late? Has it slowed down at all from when it started?

I'm going through the same thing. When my hair was LONG (similar to your avvy) it scared the SNOT out of me!!! But I got it cut to just at my shoulders and it seems a lot less scary b/c even with the same amt of loss it's still 1/2 the hair... kwim?

I'd put in a call to your dr. just to see if it's anything you ought to worry about.

Mine is just starting to slow down about 4m after it started falling out. Hopefully yours does the same soon! Some sources say it can go up until 12m pp.
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