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How do you know if theyll be good for you? I would like to find one this time around. I have talked to 3 ladies so far. My q is how do you knwo that theyll be good for you when your in labor? Its such an intimate time, you know? It feels weird inviting a stranger to be there, yet I really want hte supprt. My mom and sis, who were at DD's birth will not be able to be here this time. DH is in his own words, useless. So a doula would be great. Esp since I recently discovred that OB's don't stay at the hospital while you labor--DUH! I assumed that she would like my midwife did with Kylie.

Anyway blabbering, but I am having a hard time choosing and also in the back of my mind is....Is this woman really worth $500???? Would it be rude/silly to ask for a rate cut snce we are so poor? (We think we can do $300)

I need to hear your Doula experinces.

Also is it worth it for a planned hospital birth with meds?


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