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Re: Chocolate Cupcakes (vegan but oh so gooooooood)

Originally Posted by Shawna in CA View Post
OH MY GOD!!!!!! Don't bother with the library. Do yourself a GIGANTIC favor, and just go buy Veganomicon right now. Go on. I'll wait here.

Got it?


Now, open it & start cooking. You can't go wrong with ANY recipe in that book, not that I've made each one yet. I've made a few, though, and the seitan pot pie (the husband hates seitan, so I make it with Quorn chicken tenders, or just skip meat analogs altogether & make it with extra vegetables) is TO DIE FOR. It's a bit labor intensive, so I buy frozen pie crusts (almost all of those are vegan) to help shave off some time & effort, but WOW! Yeah. It is GREAT!

So far, we've not made a dish we didn't like from that one.

We like "Vegan with a Vengeance," quite a bit, and have made lots of things from that one, too.

Can't go wrong with either book.
you want to know what is funny

i bought 1 of the last 2 in stock copies on today (i also bought vegan cupcakes take over the world)... i can't wait to get my books!!

i picked up vegan with a vengence yesterday and was reading through it last night... i'll be buying that one (and maybe eat, drink & be vegan, or vive le vegan, or i dont know - LOL) after dh's next pay peroid (he can count it as my anniversary present - lol)

Originally Posted by Mama2Noah View Post
has anyone used carob powder instead of cocoa? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm new to this
i've never seen carob powder...
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