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Are you ready?

Oh my ... the birth day is fast approaching and I'm just so excited to see this little boy! Tonight we were joking that my dh will have to call Timmy (ds1) his big boy (he is 2yrs old), Niko (ds2) his little boy (he is 11 months) and Adrian (soon to be ds3) his baby boy. And I guess it just kinda hit me ... Wow... another baby to hold. Another lil fuzzy head to kiss. Another sweet lil belly to tickle. Another sweet baby smell to smell. Jeepers.. I'm about try cry! Ahhh!!! hehe

It looks like he will be here in probably about 5 weeks. I'm so excited .. so scared too because he is definitely going to be early ... but SOOOO excited to see him too!

Just had to post my super sappy sentiments tonight

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