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Question about D&C

I had one on Tues & I'm curious to hear from others how long you bled after, how you felt, etc. Mine was due to unexplained PP bleeding (DS is almost 8 mos & I was still bleeding). Well, I had the procedure on Tues at 10 am. When I left, I was bleeding very lightly & same thing on Wed. I barely needed a panty liner. In the middle of the night I got up to feed DS & woosh I started bleeding heavier & today I'm bleeding like a period. I just thought it was weird to go from light to heavier... but I don't know anything about this procedure & I was still druggy feeling in recovery when they gave me my "going home instructions." I just have a piece of paper that basically says nothing in the vagina for 2 days & return if soaking more than a pad an hour & follow up w/doc in 2 weeks.

So I guess I could have left all that out huh? LOL So what was your recovery like?
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