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Re: Question about D&C

I had to have a D&C due to a miscarriage at 14 weeks and my body wasn't aborting.

I recall having that bleeding for about two to three days. It was similar to PP bleeding but I needed to remember to not lift or do any heavy activity for awhile. We had a sudden death in the unit that weekend (I had my D&C on a Thursday) so I went from my own "issue" to trying to support families in the unit (my DH was the commander) so I don't really recall too much more of my own recovery.

Keep an eye on it (how can you not, eh?) and if this is what made you get the D&C in the first place, I'd go back in to ask questions as to why it's still so heavy. In the mean time, grab yourself a drink (it's too early in the day, so I'm thinking tea or water or something), the remote or a good book and lay your tush on the couch with your feet up slightly above hip level. (I know, kinda hard with little ones around... but it needs to be done)

I hope you feel better soon and it stops!
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